1. Cats are extremely affectionate.
  • They rub up against your legs not only to make you feel their love but also to mark their territory.
  1. Cats are smart
  • A cat’s brain has more similarity to a human’s brain than a dog’s.
  • AND they can travel back home to you through their compass-like brains.
  1. Cats can jump high
  • They are able to jump five times their height!
  1. Cats aren’t rowdy
  • They sleep on average 2/3 of the day. All that purring will give you more time to pet your cat!
  1. Cats can self-clean!
  • On average they spend their remaining 1/3 of the day cleaning and licking themselves
  1. Cats can tell earthquakes?
  • Cats have super-senses that can sense vibrations. So foretelling an earthquake is easy as purring!
  1. Cats have thumbs? WOW
  • Some cats are able to separate their paws to give their owner a big thumbs up!
  1. Cats are royalty
  • Apart from being heavily celebrated in ancient Egypt, they are also called queens! A female cat is called a “queen” or “molly”
  1. Cats run faster than the fastest man alive
  • Next time you’re running late for work, ditch the uber and attach a cart to your cat! They can run at an average speed of 30mph!
  1. Cats can talk

If you keep talking to your cat, they will more often talk to you! So all that meowing and purring maybe your cat telling you he/she is hungry.