1. Dogs love you unconditionally
  • Unlike your ex, dogs are loyal. They prefer to sleep in their owner’s dogs not only to protect their owner but also to steal your blanket!
  1. Dogs are athletic
  • Unlike humans they do not have sweat glands, instead they sweat through panting.
  1. Dogs can help you lose weight
  • Dogs needs exercise to live longer. So needing to lose extra weight for that beach trip in mind? Go jog with your pooch and shed those carbs off!
  1. Dogs are the new weathermen
  • Dogs can predict bad weather so when he/she starts acting out of the blue, pull out your umbrella!
  1. Dogs can swim
  • Next time you’re at the pool but you don’t know how to swim, bring your dog! Dogs have an innate skill to swim and if needed, rescue its owner.
  1. Dogs are overly expressive
  • Tired of overthinking what your significant other is thinking? Just get a dog, they’ll tell you exactly what they want.
  1. Dogs can warm your cold cold heart
  • Sleeping in a fetal position provides their body with warmth. As well as maintain their 37.8 degrees Celsius body temperature.
  1. Dogs are just like us!
  • The unique print on their nose is just like our fingerprint!
  1. Dogs can chomp anything
  • With 42 dogs, no wonder dogs can pulverize pork/beef bones. So think about the next time you steal their toy away from them!
  1. Dogs can miss their owner
  • Having twice as many ear muscles than people, they can hear you 3km away from home. So when you see your pooch waiting for you at the door, he/she’s been waiting for your 3 km away! Hurry up next time lazypoke!