Nurturing your relationship with your kids is vital to their emotional and intellectual health. Driving them to school, giving them proper education and providing a healthy home may already be things you have been doing but these are not enough. It is equally important to bond with your kids and communicate with them. And though being a parent is probably one of the most rewarding yet challenging roles you can ever play, coming up with interesting ways to connect with them can be daunting.

To help you get started, here are 4 creative and effective tips to bond with your children and build a healthy foundation for their development:

Introduce Them to Art with Simple Activities

If you have preschool kids, you can prepare them for school by providing coloring books and sketch pads for them to play with. With these tools, they are introduced to colors and drawings. Not only can these activities help them learn to appreciate art at an early age, they are also beneficial in developing hand and eye coordination as well as improving motor skills in children. Coloring together gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your kids and let them learn as well.


Spark Their Imagination with Books

If there is one bonding activity you should include in your list, reading a book to your children is probably it. If you have enjoyed bedtime stories as a child, the more will the youngsters now, with all the tools and resources available these days. Reading to them and giving them access to books can stimulate them to read. You can invest in printed materials and download ebooks and set a certain time each night or during weekends where you can read together over cookies and warm milk.  And to make it exciting, why not let them do the reading at times? This way, their communication and comprehension skills will be developed as well as their imagination.

Provide Them with Ample Play Time

Healthy mental and emotional development of kids is crucial in making them succeed in the future. And as a growing child yourself, you know how children love to play. Giving your young ones the opportunity to discover things and explore, like building blocks or enjoying a game app on your tablet, can lead them to the road to greatness. They are given a chance to solve puzzles, be creative and at the same time, learn. Moreover, you can also do these activities as a family. Through play, be it engaging in sports activities or downloading entertaining and educational game apps on your iPhone or Android phone, you can have a healthier and rewarding relationship with your kids.

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With all the juggling between working and spending time with your family, coming up with simpler and quieter ways to bond with your children will make it easier. With these tips, you prepare your little angels to becoming secure adults while you get to enjoy priceless moments with them. After all, as a parent, isn’t it your dream to give them a bright future? By knowing the secrets to having highly happy children and seeing to it you give them quality time, you ensure you are on the right track.