Having to pay for a tuition fee is a necessary aspect of our lives, especially now that education is almost a basic necessity. Imagine living without knowing how to read and write. It’s quite tough to survive the corporate challenges if you have no idea what’s on the news, what’s on the internet, and generally what’s surrounding you. This is the reason why everyone is being encouraged to finish their college or at least have a decent education from registered schools. If you’re single and you are paying for what you are consuming, it’s really challenging to pay for your own tuition, what more if you are a parent and you have kids to send to school?

In today’s society where goods and services have higher value than before, it would be hard for a parent to save for his/her children’s education. Sometimes, saving is being forgotten because in most cases, expenses are offset with the family’s income without savings on the list of priorities. To help parents out and everyone who has children to send to school, PhilAm Life, the leading insurance provider in the country, has come up with a solution to build savings for kids’ future tuition fees. For the list of the benefits of this new insurance program, we are introducing the “Philam Life’s Future Scholar.”

About Future Scholar of Philam Life

Future Scholar is an educational insurance program introduced by Philam Life. In this program, your child will own reserved funds for which he/she can use in the future when he/she reached college. This is basically an education fund for your children and a security for their education. With this fund, whatever happens to you, there is an assurance that they will get a decent schooling and their future education cost will be covered.

Benefits of Future Scholar

To know more about the benefits of Future Scholar, here’s the list for your reference.

  1. By paying for a minimum of Php 20,000 a year, you will get a guaranteed cash pay-outs over the 4 years of your child’s college education with opportunities to earn higher investment returns.
  2. With Future Scholar, you can be able to build your kids’ educational funds in 5 years or until they reach the age of 17.
  3. Should anything happen to you, the plan will still be active without having to make future payments and your kids will get the fund on time.
  4. The greatest benefit of this program is that you won’t be worrying about your child’s future education as it serves as a security for their educational costs.

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