This page is dedicated to the rescues that we adopted.

Jane and Candy

They came from a litter of 4. Two males were adopted but we opted to keep Jane and Candy because we noticed that they are always together and we know that they’ll be sad if seperated.  They are both sweet and inseperable.

We took them in last March 2022.



She is the sweetest. She loves to be cuddled and loves giving kisses. We named her Rat because she looks like one when we found her from a flooding vacant lot abandoned by her mommy.

She is with us since October 2021 and now spayed.


We saved her together with her brothers from a possible euthanasia. The subdivision where we were residing that time was not a cat friendly place. They regularly catch stray cats and put them down if nobody adopts them.  Amy stands as her brothers protector since we took them in. She was an adult around 2 years old when we adpted her last March 2019. 

She is now a content cat and spayed. 





This boy loves to gallavant outside the house, escapes through our window destroying the window screen many times already. If you can’t sleep and need a cat cuddle for hours, he’s the one to go to. 

He is Amy’s brother that loves playing with water. We have him neutered last 2020. 


He is a softy and loves kittens. He will not stop meowing if he sees kittens outside the house as if he wants to have them.

He is a big softy furbal weighing almost 5 kilos.  Fun Fact: When we shipped them from Luzon to Visayas, the carrier mis handled him so they lost him at the airport for 2 weeks. We have to pay somebody to look for him and glad they also didn’t give up. 

A good brother to Amy and Jake. We have him neutered together with his brother Jake.


We heard meowing for almost 3 days and  finally looked when we notice that her voice is getting hoarse. We lure here with food to our front yard and hid under a tarp. She only comes out if its time to eat. After days of feeding she decided to enter our house and never left since then. 

I call her my husband’s  other female as she loves sleeping between us almost every night. She is our only cat with black whiskers.

We have her since November of 2018 and now spayed.


Another chance at life for Chancey.

It was a Saturday morning when we saw him outside the church sick and abandoned. Very tiny and probably wont last another day. We didn’t take him at first because we don’t want to add more cats in our house so we went home. 

After few hours, we remembered him decided to go back to check if he is still there. We told ourselves that if he is, he’s for us to save. 

He is now neutered and one of the sweetest member of our furfamily. He loves to play with anything that moves- spiders,lizard, coachroach and even fly.  We have him since October 2018. I’m glad we took him in.




She was an abandoned cat with broken bones-probably hit by a vehicle. She was very thin and depressed when my husband saw her the first time. We brought her food everyday for days, until she finally starts cleaning herself. Rose, the security guard of the mall took care of her when she’s on duty but after a while we learned that the mall management wants them gone. So we didn’t hesistate to take her in. 

She loves fish and treats. Comes dinner time, she will be the first to be in the kitchen and wait for her fish to be served. Her broken bones are still noticeable but she has the softest fur. She is now spayed and been with us since November 2017.


Mommy Cat

She was fierce, aggressive and scared when we first encounter her. She gave birth on our ceiling and stayed there until her babies are old enough to walk. She abandoned one of her kittens “Lucky” that we decided to adopt. After days and days of feeding her, she slowly learned to trust us. She had 1 more litter but we found them a furever home. We had her spayed after that.

We didn’t adopt her because we know that she can take care of her self but she adopted us. She never left the property. Took care of our puppies and 3 more cats before her.

We took her in when we moved out of our first home in Bulacan, in februray of  2016 but she was with us as an outside cat since 2012. Mommy cat is probably as old or older than our first cat “Mimi”.


She was abandoned by her mommy and was lucky enough to be found by my husband. He thought she was dead when he first saw her but when he went back to check on her she started licking his fingers.  He took her in and became his sweet furbaby for a while. Now she is the most entitled cat we have. Bitchy sometimes but sweet.

She lost 2 of her life during the spaying process. Escapes death 3 times.

We have her since March of 2014.


My Neddy boy adopted me. My daughter rescued him when he was wobbling crossing the street (if not rescued, a 50/50 chance of already being run

by a car or a trycicle). She took care of him but he mostly stays with me. He probably slept more hours with me than my husband.

A very loyal. He always look for me when I’m not home.

We have him since January of 2012.


Our very first cat that started all of this. Read more about our MIMI.


Spayed & neutered through our Furfamily program!