Your family will always be a treasure you would like to keep close. But in a world where uncertainties abound, your own welfare and those you value are always at risk of the unthinkable—particularly, in health.

Even seemingly healthy and joyful people can suddenly succumb to illness no one had foreseen. And even the fittest persons are not always at their tip-top shape or always will be. Health, while often taken for granted or overlooked, requires more value than we often give it.

For something so unpredictable yet plausible, the best you could do about it is to anticipate its probable upcoming.

Do not wait for the time to make an important decision to add more to the stress than it has to be.

Devote in yours and your family’s health by insuring them with Health Invest Plus today.

What is Life’s Health Invest Plus?

Health Invest Plus is a health and life insurance plan aimed at taking care of your health in all its latent difficulties at any time and the future.

Perks of Health Invest Plus

Whether in case of serious health issues, accident, or loss of life, Health Invest Plus safeguards your finances while also encompassing the following benefits:

  • Complete health and accident coverage

Not having reached the age of 75 and is suffering from any of the 56 critical illnesses by PHILAM’s standards, you are entitled to a round figure to cover for the needed medical expenses.

If afflicted by any of the 11 early stage condition illnesses, you are eligible for a 25% Critical Illness Coverage which you can use up to four times ahead of time to improve recovery.

Furthermore, in a case of accident, you can make use of your health and accident benefits together with your chosen HMO coverage.

  • Create a Health Fund for use with the foreseeable future

Incorporating an element of investment for accruing more money, the Health Fund gives you a choice of where to devote your available funds which you can use in time of need, even during your retirement age.

  • Provide something for the family after death with a life insurance plan

In the instance where the unthinkable had happened, your available life insurance coverage or your fund accumulated through your investment (whichever is higher) will be given to your beloved beneficiaries.

If the cause of demise is accidental by nature, further life insurance coverage is to be issued.  

  • No-hassle payment options

There is no need to stick to a very rigid payment schemes when you are allowed to make short payment terms ranging from 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, and 10 years.

“Did you know” Facts

  • 9 out of 10 Filipinos are susceptible to heart disease.

What do you think are the chances that you or any of your household member is not in the 90%, especially after coming at a certain age?

  • The cost of the basic treatment of a heart disease can cost as much as P1 million.

That is just the “basic” treatment alone, not including other expenses that may accrue with the needed medical interventions.

  • Stroke is a major killer in the Philippines which claims an average of 168 lives per day.

Although not necessarily always fatal, a treatment for the stroke survivor can itself be very costly for:

  • speech therapy sessions
    • private nurse/s
    • physical therapy sessions
    • daily maintenance medication
    • regular doctor’s visit
  • For every passing hour, there are an average of 11 Filipinos getting diagnosed of cancer from all sorts.

Making matters more difficult, the usual cost of treatment against cancer can range between P600,000 to P1 million.

Only 2 out of 10 Filipinos are financially prepared for a serious illness

While Filipinos may see health as something important—and to some, a top priority— very little few ever plans ahead about it or, if do, does only so at the barest minimal.

Your Health Management Organization (HMO) is Insufficient

In our fear of not having enough money to cover for serious medical expenses, we often resort to paying monthly subscriptions to medical plans or even hold on to health benefits coming from our jobs.

But while having something is way better than having nothing in an emergency case, it does not imply that these common medical plans are sufficient to cover large expenses should they arise. Even HMOs or other health plans have limits.

If you only have your HMO or health benefits from your employment to lean on, you are standing on a foundation with small apertures that cannot altogether carry the weight of your financial burdens. In times of great health trouble, you will be expected to cover some of its expenses out-of-the-pocket.

Health Invest Plus pays 6 times more than what PHILHEALTH pays and 9 times more than what other HMOs are capable of paying for their clients’ health expenses.

To be in financial constraints while sick is a heavy burden to carry, especially by your family

When you fall into sickness and is in dire condition financially, your only two options to getting the needed money to pay for your medical expenses are:

  • To borrow money (which will only result to growing debt if not paid on time)
  • Sell assets and properties (which results to a reduction of material wealth)

Invest in your own wellness in order to be with your family at their most precious moments

In life, occasions will arise which will be significant to your family. Be it a yearly birthday celebration or debut to adulthood, advancing to higher studies, or even during the routine of everyday. Don’t be the person missing during any of these special or otherwise mundane events.

Your presence will always be important in as much as the presence of each of your valued family member is to yours.

You would want your presence to be there for longer

Whether with a still dependent child to rear or even during old years, no loving person would choose to leave their precious family behind.

It is not about being there just for the sake of making presence, it is about being there with the family when in counts.

Choose to overcome the uncertain setbacks that might come your way by acquiring this comprehensive plan for you and your family. PM me NOW to schedule an appointment or to request a proposal.