Are you feeling weak?

Do you have muscle weakness? 

Are you having severe headaches?

Hyperacidity pains that last for days?

Sensitive to heat, and you sweat a lot?

Anxiety triggered by palpitations?

Are you constantly hungry, but you are losing weight?

Or are you experiencing symptoms you don’t understand and are unsure how to manage?

These are just some of the symptoms that my daughter felt. And unfortunately, COVID made it so bad that the doctors urged us to have her hospitalized. We are willing and ready for her to be in a hospital to get the proper treatment, but three big hospitals refused, and almost ten more hospitals we inquired about for admission can’t accommodate her.

We have to deal with it at home.  

In this eBook, I’m sharing her story of how she overcomes the possible thyroid storm and the home remedies that we use for her to survive the deadly symptoms of hyperthyroidism heightened by COVID.

I also included natural remedies we used, regimens, meal recipes, and home remedies to manage some of her symptoms. I hope this helps you too in managing yours.