I can still remember the day when my boyfriend (now my husband) told me that he wants to get a female Siamese cat. In my mind “Oh, this can’t be good, I hate cats, I can’t stand them”. We talked about it and argued about it many many times.

I love my husband so much.

He doesn’t go out or meet friends (coz he doesn’t have any here in PH), his days are busy playing online games and work. No other vices. So one day after a heated argument about the same issue, I surprised him with one. I got the Siamese cat I thought he wants from the market but I accidentally brought home a male cat. It was hard to identify the gender because he was still a kitten and I trusted the guy who I got it from.

We named him Mimi thinking that he is a female cat.

Mimi was sickly when he was still a kitten. Just few days after I took him home, he got eye infection, diarrhea- and just viruses lingers in his system. And all through those times my husband took care of him. I don’t even touch his litter box. He slept on his lap while he works and he’s with him almost all the time. I don’t even touch him. I was a cold hearted bitch.

But little by little, the shit head conquered my heart.

I started petting him, feed him and even allow him to crawl with me on bed at night. My husband would take pictures of us sleeping together, on different positions. He was soft like a stuff toy. We cuddled a lot.

I became his savior.

My husband wanted him to be just an indoor cat as indoor cats lived longer since they don’t get diseases from stray cats but Mimi on his teenage years would try to run out from our tiny bedroom and explore outside. He would hose him down so he’ll run back in sulking wet or sometimes he would just close the door on him. Of course I will come to his rescue, dry him off and talk to him, tell him not to do it again. Just lots of funny instances. He is a very sweet cat and we love him.

But everything comes to an end.

Few weeks ago Mimi got very sick. He doesn’t want to eat and drink. I brought him to the vet and his blood test came out bad. Aside from swollen gums, he has a bad kidney. After his medication, he seems to be doing fine. He’s starting to eat again and drink so we thought everything is good but we’re wrong. He was losing weight really fast despite of us forced feeding him.

I was not home when Mimi cross the rainbow bridge but he left knowing that he is loved. He died on my husbands lap, his favorite place when he was still tiny, his human’s lap. It was heartbreaking but we keep on telling ourselves, that we’d rather experience the pain of losing him than not having a Mimi at all. It comforts us knowing that he is now pain free and he can galavant all he wants, meet new friends at the rainbow bridge.

He will forever be our Mimi, our first furbaby, and he will always be in our hearts forever. Irreplaceable. We miss him so much that we just cry talking about him. I can’t stop crying while writing this, and everytime I remember our Mimi, its just hurts so so much.

  • Because of Mimi our place is now a house for 10 rescued cats

  • Because of Mimi I learned to be more responsible

  • Because of Mimi I realized that I can care more, I can love more, I didn’t know that I have it in me

  • Because of Mimi I learned to love cats

  • And many many more <3 <3 <3

    To our MIMI boy,

We love you and miss you so so much-especially me.

You are no longer by our side but you will forever be in our hearts.

Thank you our dear Mimi.

We will see you when we get there. <3