Easy is typically the choice because it is, as it describes itself, simpler to do and is more likely to be achieved than the opposite.

Why choose the difficult and make life more complicated when the polar opposite is true?

We have all been there.

Perhaps, too many times already to count with our fingers throughout our breathing existence.

As a result, by opting for what is indeed easy, we have forsaken what is bigger and possibly the better rewarding goal.

Worse, because we choose what is simple, we lacked the motivation to push for the real deal—our life’s objectives.

But what if there is a way to reverse all that and be somebody who has fire in his belly and can reach a height he would not otherwise?

Then, genuine motivation could be something that you need.

And for the most part, you would have to be reminded about it on a more consistent basis.

This might sound so negative when the very idea of it is coming from somebody else—like, your parent—or something as indirect as someone else reaching theirs, except you.

Nobody likes to be dictated, especially if it involves one’s life’s directions.

But what if the one reminding you of the important stuff is you?

Symbolically, like talking to oneself in a mirror or narrating a soliloquy in self-affirmation, but not exactly.

Yes, that is possible.

But that would only entail the use of a reminder app that you set for yourself to be reminded of in the hopes of pursuing your dream.