Most people love the modern conveniences afforded to them by processed and fast foods. However, there is something distinctly appealing about realizing that you are hungry and satiating that need immediately with something that takes no longer than five minutes to prepare, order, and pay for.

While that lifestyle may be convenient, and our Paleolithic ancestors would have wished for such a luxury to be the case, we all know that there are many dangers associated with it. Unfortunately, we get what we pay for the things we sacrifice for convenience. Rather than taking the time to do things right for ourselves, we are paying other people so we can cut corners and ultimately damage ourselves in the long run.

Fortunately, in some ways, even eating Paleo can be simple and fast. Some restaurants may or may not offer Paleo options, but it’s better not to worry about that and assume the worst. The most constructive thing we can do is pre-prepare our meals ahead of time.
So what are some easy ways that we can begin to prepare Paleo meals in half the time, or rather, with the most convenience possible?

One of the ways we can make going Paleo a lot faster is by investing in frozen vegetables or buying fresh vegetables ourselves, blanching them in hot water, and then freezing them on our terms. Another thing we can do is create our frozen meals. Soups and stews are sensational for this type of thing. You can also create sauces and store them ahead of time so you can utilize them in your Paleo dishes without spending a lot of time on seasonings.

Another thing that can make cooking Paleo foods convenient is using a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers ensure that our meats are thoroughly cooked in about half the time they usually cook on a stove or in a slow cooker. However, crock pots shouldn’t be dismissed, as throwing a few ingredients in a crock pot and calling it a day can be a great way to get incredibly savory meals with very little work involved.

We are all used to the luxuries and conveniences of the modern world. Nowadays, it seems silly to ask someone to give up so much comfort to return to the stone age and do things our ancestors once did—the hard way! Fortunately, it isn’t all that difficult to do something quickly and naturally that can still taste delicious. You can even throw some raw vegetables together in a salad, which can be very simple and quickly done. It doesn’t have to take you all day to enjoy a healthy meal! Follow these tips and tricks for convenience, Paleo style!