We all have our plans in our lives—yet not all of them may be what we wanted. But therein lies the power of a pivot, only if we take the time to review our goals, as aided by a consistent reminder.

As a child, we have all dreamed to be of something or to be someone someday. While these aspirations may be more or less the same, one thing is certain about them all—they genuinely have their own distinct and valuable meaning.

However, not everyone who dreams their dreams may have come across what they would truly desire later in life. Some, for one reason or another, would choose a different route than what they initially intended.

There is nothing inherently wrong with making a different option down the line. Because, for the most part, life can be uncertain, and the dynamics may compel us to make various decisions.

But it does come at a great benefit of being able to do so following a deep retrospect with regards to life’s direction.

Yet, what better way to do just that than to have the ability to weigh the selections and to have the capacity to validate the goals you may have already established?

Aiding in all that process is, of course, a reminder of what those goals are—best laid out in full texts as made by yourself as if you are having a conversation with your older self.

It might sound magical and even borderline science fiction. But it is just you setting a reminder through an app that you will eventually use at a certain late date.