Do you consider yourself having a job instead of a career? You might not be aware of it, but you may be a Marxist. Did you know that Marx said that when people get up everyday to go to work, they shouldn’t get up and put on their pants or whatever else they’re putting on to go to some sort of daily humiliation.

The work must uplift their humanity. Work must complete them. Work must not debase them, split up their emotions or otherwise dehumanize them. It’s very easy to see why Marxism has its strange appeal.

 Who wouldn’t want to uplift people? Who wouldn’t want people to be complete? Who wouldn’t want people to live up to their fullest potential? Who wouldn’t want a better world? But here’s the problem. The solution is not about some sort of revolution to bring about a classless society.

The problem is not class itself. The problem is something closer to home. The problem, if you are honest about it, is actually very personal. It is this personal trait that most people don’t want to think about.

They equate it with some sort of discomfort. They think that it worked well for their grandparents, but it probably won’t work for them now. They think that modern society has gone so far and is so advanced and different from the past that it’s really pointless to look at past values and use them in the here and now.

The personal trait that I’m talking about is self discipline. Now, don’t get me wrong. People still use the word “self discipline”. There is no shortage of people talking a good game when it comes to self discipline and self control. Those people are all over.

But the problem is people can say certain things but you only need to look at how they live their lives and, most importantly, you need to pay attention to what’s going on in the economy to see that there’s a big disconnect.

People like the concept of self discipline. They definitely want other people to be self disciplined. But when it comes to them or their family or their loved ones, it’s another matter entirely.

The truth is self discipline is something that we think would be nice if we had. But at the end of the day, we’d rather get convenience. We’d rather have instant careers that are instantly rewarding and complete us.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen without our own effort. It’s impossible without our input. Sadly, too many people have developed a passive mindset. They think that great careers just happen to them. They just need to fill out a form, get a right job and automatically, they will have a truly rewarding career.

But what they have is that Marxist description that I gave in the beginning of this article. They think that life is a daily humiliation. They think that the job that they go to is a complete and total waste of their time.

Here’s the secret. If you want a truly rewarding career, you can not wait for your boss to give it to you. That’s just not going to happen. You can’t wait for somebody else to hand you the career that you should be building yourself.

In other words, truly rewarding careers are only possible because of hard works, sacrifice and long term commitment. I know none of these are popular. I know none of these are convenient. I know none of these are easy. But they are all absolutely necessary.

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