As of 2018, only 16 percent of Filipino’s are covered by life insurance programs. Quite disappointing, to think of that life insurance companies have been in the business for centuries. Maybe you’re thinking now “Do I really need a life insurance? I have a stable job and some investments out there.” Well, when there’s nothing left in you there is a life insurance to help.

Smart reasons for having a Life Insurance:

  • As a replacement for your active income. As soon as the person passed away, all the income streams he/she has will get stopped. So in order to secure the future of your loved ones you need to be covered by a life insurance. This will work for their needs right after you left.


  • Life insurance is also a viable option for your child’s education. When your child enters college and there’s nothing left but making a loan, the life insurance you’ve invested with can pay the debts from your children’s schooling. One of the most important needs a family may acquire is their children’s education.


  • It can stand as a debt protection. Debts will be transferred to your family when you die, which includes credit card debts, car loan, and other outstanding balances that you may have. This can keep your family from losing all their left assets and even losing their home.


  • Death cost can also be a problem if you are not covered by a life insurance. Most of the time when sudden death from a family member occur, the whole family will suffer paying for the funeral cost. This is a common scenario, especially for Filipino’s, there are some cases where the left family will ask for some donations from all their relatives and friends just to have a decent burial for the lost family member. We don’t want this to happen – life insurance is a must for everyone-we know that we’re all going to die eventually, unless you are immortal.


  • Last but not the least is peace of mind. Life is unpredictable, we depend on our monthly salary, which stands as an active income for us, but then again nothing is forever. You know you’re in the mid-class or highest range of life standing, but what will happen to your family after you’re gone? Life insurance will definitely give you a peace of mind, you don’t have to worry what tomorrow will bring. All your hard work will last up until your last breath.

Life Insurance is a great tool for unexpected circumstances, it can save dreams, lives, and even struggling mind. Whether you’re in the upper class, middle class, or even part of the lower class life stand, do not hesitate to get a life insurance and secure your future. This is not only for an afterlife security, but also for your peace of mind while still living. Don’t hesitate to broaden your knowledge about life insurances and how they really work in life, because you won’t be able to come up with it until you get started learning about it.