We live in a world of hustling which renders us many options to do daily—though, at times, it comes at the expense of losing track of some of the most important things.

Whether you are working a 9-to-5 job or juggling multiple gigs to make ends meet, any of these is stuff we prioritize because it is what society expects us to commit to.

But have you been in a situation where you would have to sacrifice other things because you are so duty-bound on your need to make money to pay the bills?

Many people live in this kind of grind that some dreams have to be foregone for the bare essentials.

This does not necessarily have to be the case.

But you must have to be reminded of it constantly for the idea to take strong root.

Reminder—as the word implies—is that: to make us think of what is important amid the matters we have to do that may or may not be in line with our goals.

Did you ever wish to become a professional ballet dancer someday but have to work full-time at the nearby grocery store?

Have you ever aspired to have your place but have to grind a minimum wage job?

Certainly, these are indeed typical scenarios that portray our constant battle with what we want versus what we have to do to keep on going.

At times, they may seem impossible to achieve—though, not necessarily.

But you must be reminded about it constantly to make it happen.