Living busy lives, sometimes the only thing that could keep us in touch with what is important is a clear reminder of what is—constantly.

There could already be tens of applications installed on your phone right now.

An app to keep you connected with family and friends.

An app to send messages to anyone.

An app for your banking needs.

And possibly countless others more.

If it provides a means of convenience, then the chance is good you already have it on your device.

But if you do not have an app that reminds you of what is important on a more frequent basis—then, you are probably missing out on something big about yourself.

This is not to say that we tend to forget what we value most—in reality, such a thing is hardly ever something we would forget.

However, when you have been used to pursuing the small stuff just to get by in life, at times, you would choose to overlook the bigger ones.

Mainly, because the latter is harder to attain relative to the other.

One good thing about a reminder app, though, is that its almost incessant approach to keeping us aware of the bigger things is that it reinforces that more difficult, yet significantly more rewarding, aspect of ourselves.

For instance, a good reminder app will remind you of your dreams you would otherwise choose to forego because a menial job is on the way.

So, kick the FOMO about yourself by focusing on your life’s goals by letting yourself be reminded about them consistently with a useful reminder app.